Saturday, April 11, 2009


After being mostly kid free for the last two days (thanks mom!) I think I'm ready to make a decision about the whole getting a job thing. I am ready to get back to work. I don't know if it's my personality, the girls ages, my mental disorder(s) or some combination of all of them, but I don't like being a stay at home mom. I wanted to like it and tried for nearly 3 years now, but I just don't. I think I'm ready to start looking for a job and a daycare. Any suggestions for good daycares here? Or a good place to work that is hiring right now?


  1. That is so amazing that you have come to that decision because I had been thinking about suggesting that to you. I will be praying for you to find a great childcare provider for your girls. Love you all.

  2. i don't have any suggestions on daycares or jobs, i just wanted to say that i am so supportive of your decision. being a stay at home mom is a good fit for some people and not for others, and you should not feel guilty for needing to have a life outside of your children. it will only make you a better wife and mother. :)

  3. It was scary the first few weeks, but once the kids started making friends I felt better about them being ready for school. I know it's a big deal letting someone else care for your babies, but there is nothing more difficult than being a stay at home mom/dad. I just wasn't cut out for being a home schooling mom for my two very different children. Perhaps when we're older it won't be the case. I say find a job that you can do something you love. You are good at so many things. Hang in there! I'm thinking of you!