Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Doctors, Blah

For those of you who don't know, I've been going to various doctors for about a year now for several health issues. We've gotten most stuff under control, but I still have some digestive issues and am waiting for a referral to a G.I. doc for a scope and some other tests. I also went to a therapist on Monday and he said he thinks I'm bipolar. He referred me to a different psychiatrist for a diagnosis and long term treatment. Nothing is official yet and he hasn't changed me from depression medication to bipolar medication, but he probably will. I go back on Monday to see the first psychiatrist and will keep seeing him weekly until I can get in with the new guy on April 20. I'm not entirely surprised by this, but it is a little shocking. I am glad that my primary doctor was able to recognize that I needed some help and sent me to see the other doctor. If it is bipolar, it's still fairly mild which is good. It's apparently easier to keep under control if you catch it early.


  1. Hey Girl!
    One of my dearest friends is bipolar and didn't know it for sometime. Once they got her on some meds she improved 100%. She still has her down days but not as many as before. I will be praying for you. Depression stinks -I know I have been there myself. Keep me posted!

  2. I too will be praying for you. Thank goodness for meds. You will feel much better once they get the dosage right. Keep us updated on your GI stuff. Sorry you are going through all this. It stinks doesn't it? Love you guys.