Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of School Party

Sara's class had it's end of school party yesterday and she had a lot of fun. Daddy, Sophie & I were all able to go. First they had ice cream sundaes. Her teacher asked me to bring bowls, so of course, I couldn't bring boring paper bowls. I called mom and asked if she would help me get cute plastic bowls and put the kids' names on them. She went and bought the bowls and painted the names for me (thanks mom!), they looked great.

Names on the front.

Polka dots on the back.

Lots of colors.

More colors

Mom, don't take so many pictures!

With Kynlei, enjoying their ice cream sundaes.

Sophie loves being part of the class.

After the sundaes were eaten and cleaned up, we all went to the gym so the kids could break open the pinatas they had made during the week. 

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