Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Visit from the Paci Fairy

Getting all the pacifiers ready.

Coloring the "address label"

Sara counting the pacis.

Putting them into the envelope.
Sealing the envelope.

Showing me her hard work.

Putting it in the mailbox.

Getting a hug from daddy for being such a big girl.

Being such a big girl in bed with no paci.

She did really well with the whole process and only cried a little after we turned off the light in their room. In the morning she will get her present from the Paci Fairy.


  1. I love it! What a great idea. She looks so much cuter without a paci in her mouth. She's actually cute no matter what, but just a little cuter without a paci.

  2. I told Pop about her thinking she would be getting a rocking horse from the paci fairy and that she probably got the idea from Sara. He laughed and laughed.

    I hope she does ok without paci. She's so smart I know she understands what you have told her and she knows she won't have one any more.

    I love the pictures!