Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Gadget

This may not be exciting to anyone else, but I'm in love...

with our new shampoo dispenser/shelf.  Our shower before was just a big cluttered mess of bottles on the floor and scrubbies hanging from the shower head.  I've seen these on the internet before, but we never have ordered one.  Well, the other night Pete found one at Home Depot, yay!  We've tried various shower shelves before, but they leave rust stains on the floor, the shelves break, they take up a lot more room than this, etc.  I just have never found a shower shelf I liked.  It's still new, but I really love this new dispenser.  


  1. Looks like something we would like too. Although,I must admit I don't use just one kind of shampoo or soap, hence that is why our shower is full. What I really want is a tankless water heater. If we ever get to redo our bathroom that will be a must in our new bathroom. We never have enough hot water.

  2. Wow we could really use one of those. Mr. Man is always leaving a crap load of shampoo containers in the bottom of the tub after he showers. Something like that would make my life a little easier.