Saturday, October 8, 2011

NY Part 3

These pictures were all taken from the top of the Empire State Building. It was cool being up there, but I got vertigo if I looked down for too long.  You spend about 45 minutes or so in lines, but the actual elevator ride lasts less than a minute.  Crazy.

After Empire State, we went and had Cuban food at a nearby restaurant.  I fell in love with Cuban food on our honeymoon and haven't had any since then, so I took advantage of being in a place where I could get some.  The next thing we did was to walk over to the NY Public Library.  They house the actual toys (Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, and Kanga) that belonged to the real life Christopher Robin, who was the son of A.A. Milne.

The next part of our journey took us to Long Island.  The first day that Pete was in class, I drove out to Montauk and just relaxed.  It was an overcast, drizzly day and I loved it.  The drive out there took a little over an hour and it made me fall in love with Long Island.  If everything wasn't so dang expensive, I would want to move there.  We encountered very nice people everywhere we went and it was incredibly beautiful.

 Along the way from our hotel to Montauk, you drive through the Hamptons.  On the way back to the hotel, I was hungry and thought I'd stop for lunch.  The weather had cleared up and it was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, but not too hot.  I passed by a cute little cafe with seating outside, so I pulled over and went in to get a table.  I was seated outside and they took my drink order.  Knowing how expensive everything had been on our trip, I thought I'd get water to save a little money.  The waiter, who was very nice and had a lovely French accent, asked if I'd like bread.  I said sure, that sounded great.  So here he comes with my water and bread, it was a big bottle of Fiji water in a special silver canister thing.  The bread was fresh baked and delicious.  He left me with a menu and I tried not to choke on what turned out to be my eight dollar bottle of water when I saw the prices.  A side of pomme fritz (french fries) was $12.  Gasp! I ended up ordering a cup of soup and a salad.  The food was good, the atmosphere was great, I had a great time.  When he brought out my ticket, I just calmly got out my card and gave it back to him.  The grand total, including my $8 water, the not free bread, soup, salad and tip was $55.00.  For lunch, for just me.  I do regret not having tried a dessert, it was a French bakery apparently known for it's great pastries.  If only I had known.
I was at least dressed nicely that day instead of my usual ragged jeans and t-shirts.  When we had dinner that night with the men who were teaching Pete's class and I told them where I had eaten for lunch, the owner of the company said Pierre's is one of the places where the famous people who live in the Hamptons are known to go.  He told me that Alec Baldwin has a regular table at Pierre's and frequents it. 

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  1. I still think that the experience was worth every penny. Especially since it is not one you have very often. (You would go broke if you did, haha.)