Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Camera

For Mother's Day, Pete got me a new camera.  It's an awesome pink Cannon with a touchscreen.  It is 14 mexapixels and has lots of fun features.  You can turn on a timer and it will automatically take a picture when the subject smiles.  There's also a fisheye lens feature and one that picks up accent colors.  I love it and think I'll be taking lots of pictures. Here are a few random pictures taken with it.

 Sophie after bath.

 All of my babies.

Sara playing on her new trampoline from Nana & Papa.

Tiny armed Pete through the fisheye lens.

Sara doing her favorite thing ever, playing on the computer.

Sophie playing in Sara's boots.

Our kitchen using the b&w with color accent feature.
Just ignore the clean laundry I haven't put away yet.
Now that I have a working camera again, I hope to post more. 


  1. WOW - that is great. I love all the pictures - the one with Pete's arm totally cracked me up....I was thinking...I never noticed that before?? The picture with the yellow ball is awesome....and I love the clean laundry - I had a deep thought when I seen this photo. I am always so happy when the laundry is done and the house is clean - so when I look at this photo I smile - it is a clean house with clean laundry - and the yellow ball represents happy. (okay forgive me....I am on drugs!) I love your girls - they are so beautiful...just perfect! The camera is very cool! I can't wait to see more pictures!!!

  2. Sounds like a very cool camera. I love all the special features. Believe it or not it has more megapixals than my big camera. Maybe I have magapixal envy. :) Just kidding. Hope to see lots of great photos on your blog in all your spare time.

  3. I hope that someday I can get a good camera. You know how much I love taking pictures. I'm happy that you got one so you can record many things for the girls to look back on with loving memories.