Saturday, January 30, 2010

Birthday Party Fun!

Helping Mommy get the goodie bags ready.

Playing with her new Yo Gabba Gabba toys.

Opening a present.

Table decorations.

Look at all my presents Mommy!

Another view of the table.

The cake table.

And of course, the amazing cake. Thank you Amber!!

Sara eying the goodie bags.

Bubbie gave each of the kids some clay to make their own Yo Gabba Gabba characters.

Sophie loves to dance!

Before cake.

After cake.

Keleigh helping open presents.

And relaxing on the way home.

Sophie had a lot of fun today and really loved getting all of the attention. She was really smiling and happy when we sang happy birthday to her. Thanks to everyone who came and helped make today special for Sophie. I wish everyone could have been there, but I'm happy everyone stayed safe at home instead of trying to risk driving down. There's a really cute video of Sophie dancing to her Gabba music that I uploaded to my facebook if anyone is interested.

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  1. So sorry we didn't make it. I was more worried about the drive home than getting there as the roads would have been refreezing by then. It looks like everything turned out great. I love the cake and you did an awesome job on the cookies. Personally I would rather have a cookie than a piece of cake. Hope you saved one for me. :)