Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ballerinas and Big Girl Beds

Menido started her first mommy & me ballet class today. It was very cute and she had a great time.

First, Bubbie took her to pick out her leotard and shoes.

Checking out her new outfit before class.

First we did some stretching.

Just looking cute. :)
She got to practice hopping, she loved that.
Next was walking on her tippy toes, she was good at that.
I think it was a success for her first time. The class was 45 minutes and she stayed interested for about 30. I've already been planning the ballet slipper cookies I'm going to make for all the girls for our last class.

Then, tonight I decided it was time for little Pita Pocket to transition to her "big girl bed". Menido has been asking me for a few weeks now when little sis was going to get her big bed. I switched big sis a few days before her first birthday. Anyway, she went down without a problem and is still sleeping. OK, so she fell out of the bed once already, but she was fine and went right back to sleep easily. I'll keep the crib set up for a few days to make sure she takes it ok during nap too, but then we will officially be crib free.


  1. Tzipi and I love your blog. She was so happy to see pics of the girls. Hope you're all doing well! Miss you

  2. Love the ballet pics! My own little ballerina is now 10 and wears the same size shoe that I do. I miss the little bitty tu-tus!